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How to Delay Ejaculation - But is That What You Really Want?

  • princyjohn
    princyjohn · 14-11-17 06:49 · do góry^

    Men can gain control over their pelvic muscles and prevent premature ejaculation through Kegel. You need to locate your pelvic muscles and squeeze them while you urinating. Kegel teaches you how to counteract and release men's PC muscles easily. Kegel for men are easier than any other muscle exercises. Doing Kegel is not a t all a tough task compared to other ways to improve your sexual ability. You need not to find a space and time to exercise. You can practice at any time, any day or any space. Sitting on table or standing on the floor is most recommended. Kegel for men can help prevent number of problems like prolapses of pelvic organs and urine leaking.