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Two Revolutionary New Open Forex Account Options

  • jenirobert
    jenirobert · 14-11-17 06:41 · do góry^

    After the two weeks of education, he gave them trading accounts and money and watched them trade and they rewarded his confidence in them, by making hundreds of millions of dollars.

    It is important to stress that the group were just normal people; in the group were a security guard and a lady auditor for example so regular people with regular jobs. Now these people succeeded and learned quickly but we all know, that 95% of Forex traders fail to win - so how come the group Dennis taught did so well?

    Dennis taught the traders a simple method and it was long term trend following by nature, based on trading breakouts and had strict money management parameters and was very easy to learn. Dennis knew that learning the system was the easy part of the experiment, getting his pupils to trade the system with discipline, was the major challenge they would face.

    In most instances traders don't lose because they can't learn a system, they lose because they can't apply the system with discipline and if you can't do this, you don't have a system.
    Trading has been the way many people have earned a living. Some have earned a good living, while others have lost what should have amounted to a good living. Regardless of what side of the fence you are on or what side of the fence you would rather be on, (the successful side hopefully), trading is full of fantastic success and life altering failures and an open forex account has something to do with that.