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What is Hypothyroidism and Why is it Elevating the Myocardial Infarction Risk

  • princyjohn
    princyjohn · 23-11-17 11:51 · do góry^

    Do you remember the days when you bounced out of bed in the mornings, excited and energised? Have these been replaced with the desire for a really good sleep in? When did this change happen? Can you pinpoint the day you lost your energy? Instead you probably often wonder, what causes fatigue and how can I beat it! For many of us, loss of energy is something that sneaks up on us. The reduction in our energy most often happens so gradually that we don't notice the change from one day to the next. The sad thing is that we actually get used to feeling low in energy and this becomes our new "normal". "What causes fatigue?" is a common question that is often misunderstood or even dismissed. This may occur if there is no identifiable 'cause' from diagnostic procedures, such as blood tests, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't want to strive to be and feel, your best.