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Tennis Elbow Exercises - A Personal Experience

  • princyjohn
    princyjohn · 07-12-17 12:03 · do góry^

    Try crushing nettle and rosemary leaves. Heat up olive oil and mix it with the crushed mixture of rosemary leaves and nettle. Once the olive oil has cooled down a little bit, apply it on your aching muscles. Wrap clean cloth around the area to lock the leaves in place.

    2. Banana leaves

    Asian people often use banana leaves to alleviate muscle pains and even joint discomforts. Get one large leaf of banana and cut it into big square pieces. Apply coconut oil on one side of the leaf. Heat it up over lighted candle. Once the banana leaf has warmed up, place it on your aching muscles. The heat from the leaf will improve circulation and the banana leaf and coconut oil can soothe damaged tissues.