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Velumount - Velumount & Nosani nasal dilator. Together a strong team!Nosani® and Velumount® complement each other holistically to keep your respiratory tract clear. Velumount® is the snoring brace invented by Swiss Arthur Wyss, which mechanically stabilizes the soft palate to effectively prevent snoring sounds and sleep apnea. By inserting the flexible, light clip at bedtime, the air duct in the area of the soft velum is prevented from collapsing. This allows a low-resistance air passage. This effectively prevents the annoying snoring sound (vibration of the velum) at the point of origin and also prevents sleep apnea. The Nosani nasal dilator allows you to immediately have an excellent air passage for optimal nasal breathing. Oxygen is the accelerator of our bodily functions. With increased oxygen saturation of the blood, the body burns more effectively fats, carbohydrates and proteins into carbon dioxide and water. Due to the improved combustion, the body receives more energy, which is essential for the metabolism and all cells of the body.

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